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What is The Goose?

Do you live in Canada? Are you pissed off, freaked out, or otherwise unsure how the climate and biodiversity crises will unfold? Do you avoid the news because it's just so f*cking depressing?

The Goose uses the twin machete's of satire and expert knowledge to cut through the bullshit and deliver reliable information from people who know what can be done to save what we can.


Let's be clear, The Goose shouldn't have to exist. Ideally society could just get together, look at the evidence, and choose rational policies that ensure a livable future for both people and planet. But unfortunately democracies the world over have been poisoned by decades of propaganda from an industry making $3 billion in profit every day. 

So to take on the most profitable industry that literally kills 8 million people a year with its pollution, The Goose received some seed funding, along with several other media projects, through donors of Small Change Fund, a crowd-funding charity that focuses on environmental causes in Canada. But if you'd like to grow our ability to debunk and educate, you can join The Flock on Patreon.

Honk, honk.

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